Feeling stressed? Avoid these foods
If you’re feeling stressed and your anxiety levels are beginning to rise, one of the natural things to do is to reach for some comfort foods (for the reasons we do this see our blog on losing weight: http://calmersea.com/how-de-stressing-can-help-you-lose-weight). But if you are feeling stressed there are certain foods that you should avoid because they make you even more anxious such as ‘toxic’ foods like refined sugar and processed foods because they release sugar into […]
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Life can be turbulent at times. Obstacles and problems can mount up and send our emotions out of control, taking their toll on our state of mind. And, just as a ship must adjust it’s course and cope with the ever-changing environments and external influences, so must we. However, when your life does become unsettled, Calmer Sea is here to guide you through, helping you to navigate to more serene and manageable horizons.


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