the powerful mental health & well-being app

With over 20 therapies and techniques delivering over 200 exercises and activities


more features than any other online MENTAL HEALTH therapy

Created to help with stress, anxiety and depression

Calmer Sea is unique for mental health & well-being because it combines and teaches, many proven therapies, such as: CBT, Mindfulness, hypnotherapy, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, EFT, Havening, NLP, self-compassion, binaural sounds, meditation, EMDR, visioning exercises, personal positive affirmations, exercise and yoga, environmental stimulus and problem solving techniques.

Blending these therapies together specifically to treat an individual issue.

Link up with like-minded people for support

Have the option of teaming up with someone to support you as you progress through Calmer Sea. Then help others too.

Help & support available when you need it 24/7

Help with calming down and taking control of a situation is immediate with quick access buttons on your home screen.

Record and celebrate your progress

Created as an online blended therapy, it's easy to track and share your progress

a companion that will guide you through

The mental health & well-being app that is like no other

Life can be turbulent at times. Obstacles and problems can mount up and send our emotions out of control, taking their toll on our state of mind. And, just as a ship must adjust it’s course and cope with the ever-changing environments and external influences, so must we – and when your life does become unsettled, Calmer Sea is here to guide you through, helping you to navigate to more serene and manageable horizons.

Together we can make positive changes to your life.

help us to overcome loneliness in mental health

Become a Calmer Sea Ambassador

We know all too well that anxiety, depression and stress makes someone withdraw into themselves, exaggerating mental health issues.

Help us to reach out and support people who are having a tough time by becoming a Calmer Sea Ambassador.

Gp's are struggling to keep up with demand

Make positive changes for yourself TODAY

Waiting lists for treatment for mental health are very long and when treatment is prescribed it very often just CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy). You can make a big difference to how you feel today by trying Calmer Sea FREE.

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