An enjoyable, easy to follow and powerful 12-step process

The carefully tailored resilience training addresses 12 key areas of personal development. We deep dive into the 6 pillars of developing resilience: Lifestyle, Self-care, Adaptability, Authenticity, Networks and hone in on what makes you unique.

Build a toolbox of powerful life skills & coping strategies

We’ll create a resilience toolbox of key skills that will enable you to recognise problems early and allow you to react quickly to them. Focusing on developing rock-solid determination, self-confidence and vision.

Set personal goals and create a path to achieve them

The resilience training plan is a powerful combination of neuroscience, business analysis techniques, personal development strategies, and psychological skills that have helped some of the greatest sports personalities to become the very best.

who benefits from using calmer sea

The powerful resilience training process that helps businesses and individuals to focus on achieving their goals

Our tailored process identifies blockages that are restricting your progress. As a result, we implement strategies to tackle them head on. Whether it’s a limiting belief that’s been around for a while or a reaction to a more recent issue, we can isolate the cause and deal with it effectively and successfully.


Resilience training courses online, in person, or a mix of both. Offering flexible training to suit your needs.

We understand that businesses and individuals need flexibility when it comes to training. That’s why we offer online and in person courses, designed to fit in with a busy lifestyle.

Business analysis techniques

Years of research into the techniques that big brands use has helped us to identify specific formulas that will enable you to carve out a unique and authentic persona. We identify core strengths and values then build a brand around that, creating a culture and mindset to flourish.

Sports & performance psychology

We implement sport and performance psychology that focuses on helping people reach their goals and keep on improving. This builds self-belief and helps people cope with the anxiety that can impede performance in many venues, from athletics to the boardroom.

Personal development therapies

Whether it’s addressing knowledge-gaps, health and wellbeing, enhancing existing skills and altering your work-life balance or even learning something completely new, adopting a growth mindset is imperative to developing your people and we have a vast array of techniques and therapies that we can throw into the mix.

The secret to your success is in the mix

A powerful blend of neuroscience, wellbeing techniques, sports psychology and business analysis tools in one simple 12-step resilience training plan

for businesses

We make sure that your brand, your culture, and your employee experience are all working together to maximise potential and give you stand out.

We assess the complete business and make recommendations for improvement that will prove to have a massive impact on the productivity, profitability, and culture the organisation.

Discover the your inner power & emerge stronger

for individuals

Build a Toolbox of Life Skills & Strategies for Success & Personal Growth

Here’s a taste of what this transformational online resilience training and personal development for a success mindset can show you:

Learn POWERFUL RELAXATION TECHNIQUES to beat stress and anxiety


Discover techniques that will BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE

Become MORE EFFICIENT and PRODUCTIVE with your time


DISCOVER YOUR PASSION IN LIFE and create a vision of the future, more successful you

Learn how to NETWORK LIKE A PRO + develop your own PERSONAL BRAND

Learn to PROBLEM-SOLVE easily and MAKE DECISIONS with confidence

the calmer sea app

The calmer sea app.

Life can be turbulent at times. Obstacles and problems can mount up and send our emotions out of control, taking their toll on our state of mind. And, just as a ship must adjust it’s course and cope with the ever-changing environments and external influences, so must we – and when your life does become unsettled, the Calmer Sea app is here to guide you through, helping you to navigate to more serene and manageable horizons.

Together we can make positive changes to your life.

Calmer Sea is unique for mental health & well-being because it combines and teaches, many proven therapies, such as: CBT, Mindfulness, hypnotherapy, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, EFT, Havening, NLP, self-compassion, binaural sounds, meditation, EMDR, visioning exercises, personal positive affirmations, exercise and yoga, environmental stimulus and problem-solving techniques.

Blending these therapies together specifically to treat an individual issue.

Our story

Like everybody we certainly have a story to tell and our experiences have made us who we are today – a passionate company with an extensive knowledge of human behaviours and business analysis. It’s a unique fusion that offers our clients a unique and scientific approach to resilience training, business analysis, and optimisation as well as team and personal development.

We’d love to share our story with you personally but in the meantime here’s an overview of the experience of the creator of Calmer Sea, Phil…

Phil Rogerson


Phil has worked with some of the world’s iconic brands helping to shape their future. He was Director of Creative services for Sony PlayStation before setting up Madhouse, one of the largest independent marketing communications agencies in the North West.It was at Madhouse that he developed a passion for business analysis and the creation and implementation of brand vision.

Realising that neuroscience is an increasingly important aspect of business success he began to explore the world of psychology and psychotherapies. This led him to become a fully qualified hypno-psychotherapist, mindfulness coach and NLP practitioner.

The Calmer Sea process is a result of the combination of these worlds.

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