set the intention in the morning


To start the day with a positive mindset tomorrow, why don’t you set your alarm clock for an hour earlier than you’d normally get up? Don’t tell anyone – just get up and fill that reclaimed hour doing something just for you – this is your time.

Enjoy a coffee? Take time to think and plan your day? Meditate? Go for a walk? Do some yoga? Have a read? Watch an episode of your favourite TV programme?….

….whatever it is that you could do just for you that will put you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead – go ahead and claim that time and start the day with a positive mindset!

At Calmer Sea we want to create a better life experience for as many people as possible by helping them to break down any barriers that they face and unlocking their true potential. Fostering a positive mindset is just one piece of the Calmer Sea journey.

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About Calmer Sea

Life can be turbulent at times. Obstacles and problems can mount up and send our emotions out of control, taking their toll on our state of mind. And, just as a ship must adjust it’s course and cope with the ever-changing environments and external influences, so must we. However, when your life does become unsettled, Calmer Sea is here to guide you through, helping you to navigate to more serene and manageable horizons.


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There’s nothing like the Calmer Sea process.

There’s nothing like it because it’s a combination of some of the most dynamic and powerful therapies from around the world, clinically proven to help overcome some specific problems and issues that we all face from time to time.

Facing things alone can be tough, so at the heart of Calmer Sea is a support network of like-minded people, people who have experienced the same issues that you might be facing, they’re there to help you to keep on track and help you overcome your problems.

Together we can positive changes to your life