beating stress

How de-stressing can help you lose weight

As the summer in the UK is looking to be a long and hot one, many of us are turning our attention towards how we can lose weight and get fit in time for the beach holiday. But there's one pretty large obstacle that we should all be aware of...stress. We’ve all experienced it…that surge of butterflies in the stomach, the quickening heart rate, the dry mouth, the sweats and heightened senses…yes that familiar feeling when stress takes hold. Sometimes we can manage stress, in fact a degree of stress can keep us going and at other times it can get a little too much for us to cope with. And, while we think we can manage our surges of stress there are other crucial factors at play that we should all be aware of….stress can lead to increased body fat. There are some key reasons that stress leads to weight gain, but don’t worry, here at Calmer Sea we’ve got strategies that will help you to manage them and lose weight: (more…)