We all spend time noticing the negatives but today try noticing and appreciating the positive things in life and specifically the good things about yourself – notice the little things that life has to offer and learn to love yourself.

An easy exercise that will help to improve your self-compassion and self-love is to stand in front of the mirror, smile and repeat to yourself a positive affirmation – I am beautiful. I am strong etc…

…keep smiling and totally believe that you are fabulous. Because you are.

Another great exercise to try is:

Learn how to love yourself – three steps to self-love

Try to make yourself calm and centred on your thoughts.

Think of a situation in your life that is difficult, a situation that you worry about or can tend to be on your mind a lot.

Try to ‘feel’ the anxiety and stress that this situation causes you as though you are living it in the present moment, muster up all the thoughts and feelings that are associated with this situation and really feel the emotions and even the physical reactions – churning stomach or increased heart rate perhaps. .

Now, in your mind or out loud, repeat the following lines three times each:

“I am aware of the pain that ‘this situation’ (you can substitute this with the actual issue) is causing me, I understand the stress this causes me”

“But this pain is just part of life’s experiences and other people feel the same way”

Before you say the next line, take a few deep breaths and place your hands on your chest, relax and say:

“I love myself and I will learn to accept myself as I am, I am strong and am worthy of love”

Repeat this again and you should find that there’s a reduction in the stress and anxiety associated with the issue and you love yourself that little bit more!

At Calmer Sea we want to create a better life experience for as many people as possible by helping them to break down any barriers that they face and unlocking their true potential. Learning to love yourself and being more compassionate with yourself is a very important and empowering part of the Calmer Sea 30-step plan.

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