Our mood has an impact on everything, from our health to how we handle difficult situations, and building a positive mindset can help take you towards your goals. Creating more positivity in your life doesn’t have to mean big changes that disrupt your usual routines, it can be cultivated with simple, quick practices that you can incorporate instantly.

If you’re eager to boost your positivity, these seven steps could be just what you need to get started on the right path.

  1. Be aware of being passive – Do you find that sometimes you put the TV on in the evening and you simply watch it passively? Your time is valuable and you should spend it doing something you enjoy and care about.
  2. Celebrate the positives – All too often we dwell on the things that go wrong while moving on from the positives. Even the small things should be celebrated and enjoyed, especially if they’ve helped you make progress towards a larger goal.
  3. Put on uplifting music – Music can have a huge impact on your mood and putting on some good tunes can be uplifting. Whether it’s as you walk to work or as you’re making dinner, spend some time listening to something that you love. Here’s an uplifting instrumental mix for you
  4. Exercise – Science has shown that exercising helps to lift moods and improve our overall well-being. You don’t have to be a gym fanatic for exercise to positively boost your mood, it can be as simple as doing some beginner yoga poses and stretches as you unwind.
  5. Note the things you appreciate – A simple exercise you can do in five minutes is to make a note of three things you appreciate about yourself. It will help you identify your strengths, boost self-esteem, and set you up for a more positive mood.
  6. Recognise that perfection isn’t always achievable – Sometimes things just don’t go your way and nothing will change that. People that are happiest recognise that perfection isn’t always possible and while they learn from mistakes they may have made they don’t dwell on things they can no longer change.
  7. Take time to reflect – Having some alone time to reflect on the day can be incredibly important. Taking time to reflect, even if it’s just for five minutes at the end of every day, can help you recharge and identify the positives from the day.

At Calmer Sea, positivity is a big part of the 30 step plan… we know that a positive outlook can make big improvements to somebody’s day.

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