Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT combines cognitive (examine the things you think) and behavioural therapies (examine the things you do) and is particularly effective for treating stress, depression and anxiety disorders.

The theory behind CBT is that emotions are difficult to alter, so CBT focuses on those problem emotions by changing thoughts and behaviours that are contributing to them.

In short, CBT explores how we think about a situation and the feelings associated with it, and, because thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all linked, if you were to think upsetting thoughts, then you will feel upset, therefore you’re more inclined to do something that will increase the thoughts and strengthen the sabotaging emotions.

CBT techniques, or interventions, are a set of skills that can be used to help an individual to be aware of potentially troublesome thoughts and emotions… a vicious circle that can be broken by being aware of the link and changing it.

The Calmer Sea 30 step plan is designed to beat anxiety and stress. It’s a blend of over 18  types of clinically proven therapies such as CBT, hypnotherapy, NLP, self-compassion, visioning, EFT, havening, mindfulness….

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About Calmer Sea

Life can be turbulent at times. Obstacles and problems can mount up and send our emotions out of control, taking their toll on our state of mind. And, just as a ship must adjust it’s course and cope with the ever-changing environments and external influences, so must we. However, when your life does become unsettled, Calmer Sea is here to guide you through, helping you to navigate to more serene and manageable horizons.


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There’s nothing like the Calmer Sea process.

There’s nothing like it because it’s a combination of some of the most dynamic and powerful therapies from around the world, clinically proven to help overcome some specific problems and issues that we all face from time to time.

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